Tuesday, March 13, 2007

You probably are and don't even know it.

But that's O.K, because it's not too late to change. Unfortunately, we as a society are too set in our ways. We are so resistant to change that we won't even take a little time out of our day to research better ways of living. Did you know that Environmental Protection Agency studies have shown INDOOR air pollution can be 3 to 70 times higher than outdoor air pollution? That doesn't scare you? How about when you're cooped up in a closed house during that long, cold winter? Just you, your family, and all that sweet, sweet pollution. Well let me ask you this then... do you have children? Because according to the National Cancer Institute, the #2 cause of death in children is now cancer. Cancer deaths among American children have risen 1% every year since 1977. Why? What in the world is causing this rise? Maybe you should check under your sink. Many of the cleaning chemicals found in today's households are characterized by a process known as "outgassing". This means that they slowly leak small amounts of gas into your home throughout the day, whether they are closed tightly or not. Hey, you know what, while we're down crawling around under your sink, let's talk about the #1 killer of children in America. Household poisonings. So many of today's household products require chemical reactions to do their jobs. Unfortunately, many of these reactions are extremely toxic for humans and animals. There's a better way to live, blog readers! And that's what I offer. I offer a healthier life and environment for all of you out there. Not only do the products I represent offer natural and much healthier solutions in the areas of household cleaning, personal grooming, laundry, cosmetics, weight control and pharmaceuticals, they are products that we are already buying in the grocery store in an unhealthier form. So you are not spending any extra money here! In fact, because you buy direct from my partner company, you don't pay for advertising or distributing... which means that you are often saving money and time that you would've wasted at your local grocery store. This is an efficient way to shop and an intelligent choice for you and your family's health! It is also 100% risk free. The Consumer Protection Agency reports that 150 chemicals found in the home have been connected to allergies, birth defects, cancer, and psychological disorders. You can put a stop to this in your home. To find out how I can help you and your loved ones live healthier and save money, email me at danslattery@hotmail.com or just give me a call. My cell phone number is (720) 280-6091. By the way, if helping people and the environment sounds like a solid way to earn some extra cash, please visit my team's website at www.TrueLeadersWanted.com . I can definitely show you how to supplement your current income! Please feel free to put your comments/ideas/gripes down here on my blog, as well. Thanks for reading.